The Road To Racing 

Leading jockey Danny Mullins takes the reins to teach kids about horse racing in Horse Racing Ireland's 'The Road To Racing' video series.

Join us on a journey through racing, from starting out in the stables to setting off on the racecourse. Get ready to visit the stables, meet the people that work there and learn about the routine of the horses & the jockeys. Sign up below to receive the four-part educational video series and accompanying worksheets. 

 Episode breakdown:

  1. Episode 1: The Stables - Danny Mullins gives a tour of a racing yard, explaining the different facilities, equipment at the stables & what they're used for and hear about the roles of the jockeys, trainers & stable staff.
  2. Episode 2: Neighs To Meet You - Viewers meet some of the racehorses on a racing yard, get to know them, learn about their daily routine and how to look after them.
  3. Episode 3: Giddy Up - Time to saddle up and learn how to ride a racehorse. Danny explains how to ride a racehorse, talking through the process of the different speeds whilst rider Ken gives a demonstration.
  4. Episode 4: Raceday Ready - Danny narrates his journey to becoming a jockey, his first winner and some of his best days in the saddle, whilst also detailing his raceday routine and jockeys equipment. 


We have fun worksheets to accompany each episode, different levelled worksheets for junior and senior aged primary aged children. And for those who are looking for more - we've even added in a few bonus worksheets! Download the worksheets below..

Email your completed worksheets to [email protected] and we will email you a HRI Racing Juniors certificate.