Crowd cheering on as they look out at the racetrack at Galway Summer Festival

Galway Summer Festival 2023

Enjoy 7 days of exciting racing and course wide entertainment at the annual Galway Summer Festival. Racing aficionados, socialisers, music fans and more flock to Galway every year for a major highlight in the Irish sport and social calendars. 

Whether you wish to enjoy top class hospitality,  general admission or a value bundle - there is a ticket type to suit everyone and remember ALL KIDS GO FREE! 

Monday 7 exciting jumps races & colourful musical performances

Tuesday 7 exciting races  with live music across the course

Wednesday Galway Plate & Country Music Day

Thursday Ladies Day

Friday Night Racing with 8 exciting jumps races

Saturday 8 exciting flat races & music from The Gamblers & DJ Ronan Lardner

Sunday 'Mad Hatters' Family Fun Day