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Tote Ireland Limited

Tote Ireland operate Ireland's only pool betting system for Horse racing.

Tote operate betting services at all race meetings at all 26 racecourses in Ireland. Tote was founded by the Totalisator Act of 1929, with the Tote's first bets taken at Fairyhouse, Easter 1930.

All profits generated by Tote Ireland, are returned to horse racing for the improvement of the industry. Tote also sponsor a number of races through-out the country. The highlight of Tote's annual race sponsorship is the Tote Galway Plate at the Galway Races.

As well as operating a cash betting service at racecourses, Tote also distribute Irish racing pools internationally, meaning other Tote's and partners from around the world bet into Irish Tote pools.

A number of select meetings around the World participate in the World Pool, which is a collaboration between global totes and the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC).  World Pool allows bettors from all over the globe to bet into a single pool, bringing them together into one multi-million Euro pool betting experience. Through national commingling, racing fans from countries such as Hong Kong, Australia, France, the USA, UK and Ireland all effectively bet into the same pool for each race.

The Tote online betting and mobile app offering is now operated in conjunction with the UK Tote through

When you bet with the Tote, instead of giving your money to a bookmaker, everybody’s money is pooled together. If your horse wins, you share the pool of money with the others who also backed it. The more people who backed the horse, the less you will win. If very few people back your selection, the winning dividend will be higher.

This way of betting is very different to betting with a traditional bookmaker. With the Tote you are betting against likeminded racing fans and bettors, rather than taking on the bookmaker.

Tote Ireland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Horse Racing Ireland.