Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and promote Ireland's Horse Racing and Breeding industries, to administer and govern the sport of Horse Racing in Ireland, and to cultivate and promote the highest standards of integrity and welfare.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to ensure Ireland will be the global leader in Horse Racing and Breeding, sustaining a vibrant and rural industry.

Our Core Values 

Success of our Mission, Vision and Purpose is heavily dependent on the success of our people at HRI. Our employees play a vital role in ensuring we achieve our daily business activities and HRI's values are the foundation by which our employees conduct themselves. Every employee, manager and director throughout the organisation is expected to adhere to our core values of Pride and Passion, Excellence, Ambition, Empowerment, Integrity and Respect.

Our vision, mission and core values define our purpose, guide our actions and shape the character of our culture now and into the future.

Mission Statement graphic looking at Horse Racing Ireland core values