Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) is committed to providing all our customers with a high standard of service in accordance with the twelve Principles of Quality Customer Service for Customers and Clients of the Public Service. We intend to measure and evaluate our performance on an on-going basis so that we can maintain and improve this service. We have a wide range of customers such as racehorse owners, trainers, jockeys agents, media outlets and other Industry stakeholders alongside our internal customers, our employees. The HRI Customer Charter demonstrates our commitment to our customers at all times, it also outlines how our customers may provide feedback to HRI or if not satisfied with our quality of service how to raise a complaint.

Our employees play a vital role in ensuring we achieve excellent levels of service for our customers, with this in mind we hold Customer Focus as a key competency for all HRI roles, underpinned by our core values which are the foundation by which our employees conduct themselves in all their interactions.

HRI Core Values are Pride & Passion, Excellence, Ambition, Empowerment, Integrity and Respect.