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The mission of our IT department is to provide a broad digital experience resulting in increased innovation and expertise to boost our effectiveness in delivering business results, supporting customers and attracting interest globally.

The IT department is responsible for the provision, development and maintenance of information systems, networks, operating systems and technical infrastructure to support the operational and management needs of Horse Racing Ireland and subsidiaries. Subsidiaries include: the Racecourse Division, Tote Ireland and Irish Thoroughbred Marketing.

  • Support the commercial and strategic development of horse racing in Ireland through the provision of cost effective, sustainable and secure technological solutions
  • Support national and international marketing of the Irish thoroughbred through the provision of technology including mobile sites /websites
  • Support solutions and services enabling transformation strategies to deliver collaboration, communication and creativity for the Irish horse racing industry
  • Leverage communications and collaboration technologies that enable people work better together and deliver superior service experience to customers
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  • Manage the organisation's hardware, software and communication technology
  • Maintain information security and availability of HRI's digital assets
  • Provide a bespoke system to administer Irish horse racing in Ireland, ensuring adherence and compliance with the rules of racing as set out by the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board and the Directives of Racing as set out by HRI
  • Protect the integrity of race entries, handicapping, racing results, etc. including the management of all related financial transactions
  • Analysis, design and development of custom systems, including databases, applications, websites and reporting
  • Provision of new solutions and services that are attractive to both the industry users and racegoers