The purpose of Horse Racing Ireland's commercial & marketing department is to tell the story of Irish racing in an engaging and informative way. We celebrate the achievements of Irish horse racing on the national and global stage and in so doing increase awareness levels among the Irish population. We work with all racecourses in Ireland to drive ever higher standards in the marketing and promotion of race days and festivals throughout the year. 

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    • Meet the Team

    • Paul Dermody

      As Commercial & Marketing Director at HRI, Paul Dermody leads the overall strategic direction of the team. The critical goals within this strategy include growing the profile of Irish racing and enhancing the experience of going racing in Ireland with the ultimate aim of increasing attendances at racecourses. 
      Collaborating with racecourses and all other stakeholders within the sport and industry is crucial, placing the race going fan at the centre of our commercial and marketing initiatives. 

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      Aileen Goatley

      As Racecourse Marketing Support Manager, Aileen is responsible for working with the 26 racecourses to evaluate their commercial and marketing needs in order to maximise attendances at race-meetings and increase interest levels in racing. Her role incorporates joint campaign planning with racecourses including positioning, targeting, media planning, promotional partnerships and tactical approaches to different market segments.

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      Andrew Ryan



      All things CRM & Customer Insights – Customer communication strategy, post event surveys, data warehouse, data growth, customer information, customer segmentation
      Ticketing – Reporting & insights


      Focus for 2022 – Meeting our data growth targets, business development, loyalty marketing

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      Sophie O'Hare


      All things digital - Group channel and content strategy, website and App development, Fan engagement and KPI setting.   

      Channels – Website, social, video, email, podcasts, SEO, App +
      Focus for 2022 – Building HRI’s community and fan connection + our Racing4Rewards partnership

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    • Geraldine Murray


      Racecourse Seminar, Irish Champion’s Weekend, Fairyhouse Easter Festival, Tipperary Racecourse and Event planning.

      Focus for 2022: To deliver great events and marketing solutions for HRI activity. 

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        Zoe Kearney

        TALK TO ME ABOUT.. 

        Digital: Social and Engagement strategy planning, Fan Engagement, Campaign Planning & working with racecourses on their social engagement strategies. 

        Channels: Website, Social, Video, Email & Podcast.
        Focus for 2022: To build on HRIs relationship with our racing fanbase and attracting new audiences to racing. 

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          Amina Mansoor

          As a CRM Executive, Amina supports the CRM Manager in optimising data sources and collating them into useful insights. Her primary responsibility includes, but not limited to,

          • planning and delivering CRM strategies across the organisation with a view to retaining existing customers, increasing interest of horse racing and expanding the company brand.
          • Collaborating with other departments and racecourses to ensure marketing investment is maximised by converting raw data into easy to understand formats.

          Amina also manages and maintains HRI’s multiple websites, handling all elements of SEO duties while working together with racecourses to ensure they utilise their digital channels and ecommerce portals efficiently.

          Amina worked in the digital team as a digital marketing executive before moving into CRM executive role. 

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          Leanne O'Sullivan

          Leanne joined HRI in January having previously worked for Horse Sport Ireland and The Irish Field. Leanne will now be responsible for working with the marketing and racecourse teams to implement marketing campaigns for the larger HRI festivals and race days and marketing activities on behalf of independent racecourses. Leanne is based in HRI’s Ballymany Office.

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        • Cian Lambe

          Cian’s role as the company’s in-house designer is to contribute to and interpret briefs visually – this means creating graphics, videos and animations for social media, web, email, print and more!
          Core responsibilities lie with supporting the Marketing team and ensuring that the supporting creative required to promote events and campaigns is on-brand and engaging.

          As a brand guardian, Cian monitors and protects the brand visually – making sure the company’s brand guidelines are being adhered to both internally and externally. Cian also acts as a design resource for the larger organisation and HRI racecourses. 

          Heather Downey

          Heather’s role is as a Marketing Executive working to grow and develop HRI’s youth marketing brands; HRI Racing Juniors and HRI Racing 25. Heather also works with the EQUUIP team to develop and promote content for those working within the horse racing industry while also supporting programs to attract new people into the industry through their digital and content marketing plans. Key responsibilities include;


          HRI Youth Marketing Brands -


          • Devise, implement and develop new marketing initiatives.
          • Work with racecourses to develop race days initiatives and events.
          • Support racecourses on the running of Education Days for Primary Schools.
          • Create above-the-line marketing campaigns to promote HRI Racing Juniors initiatives. 


          Equuip -


          • Supporting EQUUIP’s business objectives through the strategic creation and delivery of content across all key social media channels.
          • Create marketing campaigns to promote Equuip initiatives and to drive Equuip’s strategy
          • Website management


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          Laura Lacey

          Laura is the glue who holds everything together. An outstanding administrator with excellent organisational skills Laura supports Paul Dermody, CEO HRI Irish Racecourses & Director of Commercial and Marketing and each of the teams therein.