• ITWC - Best Turned Out League

    To recognise and acknowledge the high standards of care and attention racehorses receive, particularly from stable staff, Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) launched the ‘Irish Thoroughbred Welfare Council best-turned out league’ in January 2021.

    Participating racecourses record their best-turned-out winners which HRI then aggregate and create the best-turned out league table. A yard can win a prize in both Flat and National Hunt categories. The specific category which a yard fits will be established at year end, when the number of runners at participating tracks is calculated.  If there is a tie, then the prize will be divided. The prize goes to the team in the winning yard.

    John Osborne, Equine Welfare & Bloodstock Director at HRI, said: “The care of our horses is largely in the hands of our stable staff whose work is greatly appreciated. The presentation of the horses is really a reflection of all the days spent preparing the horses at home. The best turned out league will particularly highlight the yards which consistently do well even if they are at a numerical disadvantage.  The work required is the same, whether the yard is small or large.”

    The categories are as follows;

    Racing yard criteria / categoriesFlatNH
    A. Top 10 yards by number of runners €3,000 €3,000
    B. 11th – 25th yards by number of runners €3,000 €3,000
    C. All other yards €3,000 €3,000




    Flat League concludes on 21st December in Dundalk, National Hunt League concludes on 31st December in Punchestown

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    Staff from Jim Bolger's yard who won the 2021 ITWC Best Turned-Out League

    Flat Category A

    Ger Flynn, Travelling Head Man for Jim Bolger, said: “I am delighted for all my colleagues who put in all the work and consistently turn out the horses so immaculately. It reflects the care and attention the horses get in the yard, that the public don’t see. The Irish Thoroughbred Welfare Council best-turned out league is a brilliant initiative by HRI and a great goal for yards to aim for. It was great to see the competitive spirit among all the stable staff which raised the best-turned-out standards across all race-meetings.”

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    Staff from Michael Halford’s yard who 2021 Best Turned-Out League

    Flat Category B

    Nicko Jenjic, Travelling Head Lad for Michael Halford, commented: “Everyone in Copper Beach Stables is thrilled to win our category in the Irish Thoroughbred Welfare Council best-turned out league. We all love working with horses and to see them do well on the track, including winning best-turned-out prizes. It’s a real team effort in our yard and on behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to thank HRI and the racecourses for this brilliant competition to recognise the attention we give our horses.”


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    Kevin Prendergast’s team who won the 2021 Best Turned-Out League

    Flat Category C

    Head Lad Dessie Cummins and Travelling Head Lad Johnny Sullivan, for Kevin Prendergast, both commented: “The staff in Friarstown Stables are delighted to have received this generous award from HRI in recognition of our efforts in turning out Mr Prendergast's horses at the races.”


    “The Boss, throughout his long career spanning over 60 years,  has always taken great pride in having his horses look the pick of the parade ring at Irish racecourses and it is great to receive recognition for all our hard work.”

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    Staff from Gordon Elliott’s yard who won the 2022 Best Turned-Out League

    National Hunt Category A

    Camilla Sharples, Travelling Head Girl for Gordon Elliott, said: “Everyone at Cullentra House is delighted to win our category in the Irish Thoroughbred Welfare Council best-turned-out league. The entire yard takes great pride in turning out our horses for the races and seeing them do well on the track, so it was great to be rewarded with such a generous prize. Individual racecourse BTO’s have always been very competitive but HRI’s best-turned-out league really raised all the yard’s game to another level.


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    Peter Fahey’s Staff who won the 2022 Best Turned-Out League

    National Hunt Category B

    Nicola Nolan, stable staff at Peter Fahey’s yard, commented: "Winning our category in the Irish Thoroughbred Welfare Council best-turned-out league was absolutely brilliant for the yard. All the staff got involved and it really brought out our competitive spirit. We were watching how other yards were turning out their horses and it made us raise our standards. Thanks to HRI and the racecourses – the recognition means a lot to us and all stable staff.”

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    James Fahey and Heather Heffernan who won the 2022 Best Turned-Out League

    National Hunt Category C

    Heather Heffernan, Travelling Head Girl for James Fahey, said: “99% of the work is done by James and me, along with some part-time staff, so to win our category is massive recognition for a small yard like ours. It’s really important that our horses look well at the races as we feel it really reflects on the yard, so it was brilliant to win such a fabulous prize.

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