• Lisa Kirby Tipperary / HRI Intern

    I am a big believer in ‘what’s meant for you won’t pass you’.  Having graduated from Dublin City University with a BA in Communication Studies, the HRI summer internship really appealed to me. 

    One of the intern placements was at Tipperary Racecourse and as a proud Tipp woman I knew I had to give it a shot. I applied for the position without even thinking too much about it and a month later I found myself in the passenger seat of a buggy getting a tour of Tipperary Racecourse from a man with a Tipp accent so strong I couldn’t even understand what he was saying!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed and fun atmosphere at Tipperary Racecourse during my first month of my internship. The team showed me the true meaning of having strong work ethic and they are an example of how hard work pays off. My main roles at Tipperary included social media and photography, and planning for events such as the ‘Pride of Tipperary’.  The build up to this event was quite hectic. There was a lot of planning to be done and phone calls to be made. My primary role on the day of the event was taking photographs of those in attendance and ensuring the social media posts were consistent. We were delighted to see such a big crowd turn out, it made all the hard work worthwhile.  I also really enjoyed the racedays themselves, it was great to see everything we had planned come together.

    I then got a change of scenery when I was transferred to HRI headquarters in Kildare to broaden my marketing knowledge. I was delighted to be getting the best of both worlds and I am currently placed in the marketing department there. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from a team who have years of experience. From the outset, my marketing skills were put to the test in the form of social media, website maintenance and design. The team in HRI have been nothing but supportive and have given me the best guidance and advice.

    I was also given the opportunity to work with Tote at the Galway Races which was an experience I will never forget. I was working alongside nine other promotional staff selling bets and carrying out surveys. From the outset, this put my selling skills to the test. Selling to thousands of people is definitely something that will stand to me in the future. I enjoyed this work more so than I expected. 

    With two months of my internship complete, I cannot wait to see what the final few weeks have to offer. Working alongside Amina Mansoor in the marketing department in HRI has been an invaluable experience. Before the internship I wasn’t exactly sure what section of marketing suited me best as it is such a vast sector.  Amina has made me realise that social media and design is for me. I hope to reach her level in marketing someday.  I consider myself so blessed to have gotten this opportunity and would like to thank all in Horse Racing Ireland, the team at Tipperary Racecourse, Amina for her patience, Shane Gorey for his unending support and finally my fellow interns for all the laughs.  

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