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    It is our aim to continue to raise sustainability awareness and lead by example, with an environmental policy that will focus on our commitment to sustainability and Green governance.

    Energy Efficiency

    Under the SEAI Public Sector Partnership Programme, we are committed to maximising energy efficiency, improving the environment we live in and meeting national energy saving obligations. Horse Racing Ireland achieved the Public Sector energy consumption reduction target for 2020 of 33% from the 2009 baseline at our main head office campus in Ballymany, County Kildare.  Link HERE to SEAI Annual Report 2021.

    This was achieved through a series of environmental initiatives including the introduction of a green public procurement process, upgrades to internal lighting and IT systems, waste minimisation and recycling, increased water conservation measures, no single use plastics, educational briefings and staff training.

    In March 2022, a contract was awarded for the installation of two EV charging points at HRI, Ballymany. These chargers are the first step in reducing vehicular CO2 emissions with the ultimate aim of decarbonising our transport fleet.

    HRI and its subsidiaries have a collective target to reduce CO2eq. by 50% and improve energy efficiency by 30% by 2030. Energy Audits are currently being carried out at HRI Racecourses and this will be rolled out to all Irish racecourses over the next 12 months.


    Green Public Procurement

    The objectives of Procurement within Horse Racing Ireland are to streamline, consolidate and where possible improve all current Procurement policies, procedures and practices and to provide Horse Racing Ireland and its subsidiaries with a supply-base of best-in-class suppliers and service providers who will support the group objectives with best-in-class services and products to the required specification, on a timely basis and in an efficient manner, providing value for money at all times.

    HRI Procurement Policy & Procedures | Clause 6.2 Considerations:  Prior to commencement of any purchase, consideration must be given to Environmental characteristics and standards in accordance with the Circular 20/2019 to promote the wider use of the environmental and social considerations in public procurement, with specific regard to the Climate Action Plan 2019. 

    Racecourse Event Management Supplier: Fitzers Catering Limited Fitzers Catering provide an event management service at a number of our Racecourses. They are committed to achieving and maintaining the ISO 20121 standard for Event Sustainability Management.

    ISO 20121 applies to all types and sizes of organisation involved in the events industry - from caterers, lighting and sound engineers, security companies, stage builders and venues to independent event organisers and corporate and public sector event teams.

    In 2018, Fitzers attained this accreditation for their operation at Leopardstown Racecourse. This standard is audited on an annual basis by external auditors, SGS Ireland.

    Fitzers work with local suppliers and farmers to develop a sustainable product and employ members of the local communities as part of their workforce.

    Green Public Procurement


    Our racecourses provide a plethora of diverse habitats and ecosystems and we are working together to enhance and promote biodiversity, with dedicated rewild areas and plans in place to provide designated pollinator areas.

    Trees and Hedgerows provide an important wildlife habitat and are found in abundance on our racecourses and maintained by racecourse ground staff. Increasing the variety of hedgerow types in terms of height, width, shape and species mix promotes diversity in flora and fauna.

    HRI Racecourses take a responsible approach to applying chemical fertiliser and ensure that nutrients spread do not exceed the required nutrients to ensure a resilient racing surface.



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