b'recent years, most noticeably in the early part of 2019 when there was an outbreak of equine influenza across Europe. During this outbreak alone, the IEC carried out over 2,600 tests for Irish horse owners free of charge.The expertise and knowledge within the IEC team is channelled into investigating and researching threats and problems created by equine disease and this focusAdditional testing services have has resulted in enhanced understandingincluded the provision of environmental of existing and emerging diseasesmonitoring and advice, nutrition analysis, that has helped to keep our breedingforensic testing and the development industry at the forefront in this everof a bespoke equine probiotic more competitive world. Recent areastailored for each animal. Advisory of focus have included viral mutationsservices have expanded to include all in equine influenza, placentitis in mares,areas deemed critical to the operation grass sickness, antimicrobial resistance inof stud farms, including yard layout and equine bacteria and atypical myopathydesign, appropriate biosecurity measures (ATM) due to sycamore seed poisoning.and pasture management. 8'