b'IRISH EQUINE CENTREThe Irish Equine Centre is one of the vital pillars that supports everyone involved in the Irish thoroughbred breeding industry. The IEC was established by leading breeders and veterinarians over 30 years ago and has consistently worked to protect and assist Irish breeders throughout that time through world-class diagnostic work, research and education. The IEC receives welcome support from both the racing and breeding industries through the Foal Levy and other financial contributions from HRI, DAFM and Weatherbys Ireland. The annual financial contribution by the Foal Levy is highly significant to the IEC and allows the centre to continue to provide essential support services to breeders 365 days a year. The IEC management team fully appreciates this support and works to ensure that the Foal Levy contribution received by the IEC is carefully and effectively deployed for the benefit of Irish breeders. THE IECS ACTIVITIESThe IEC provides a comprehensiveunderstand how we work to serve the and constant service to the racingIrish breeding industry. and breeding industry through the provision of expert advice, world- In order to make the IEC financially class diagnostic testing and researchviable, its services have to be charged into ongoing disease threats. We arefor. However breeders can avail of other the only animal laboratory to provideservices which are supported by the its services 365 days a year throughannual grant from the Foal Levy, such its emergency on-call service which isas the subsidised foal and horse post provided at no extra charge. Each year,mortem service which includes free the IEC carries out in excess of 240,000Equine Herpesvirus (virus abortion) and individual tests across the five scientificEVA screening of all aborted foetuses. In units of Microbiology, Virology, Clinicala typical year the IEC will carry out over Pathology, Pathology and Environment600 post mortems, approximately 70% & Nutrition. The senior veterinary andof those are at no charge to the mare scientific teams are always available toowner as they involve aborted foetuses offer advice and guidance to breedersor young foals. The IEC also provides on equine health matters and happy tofree testing and support where there is a welcome visitors to the IEC who aresuspected case of equine influenza and keen to see the facilities and betterthis service proved vital to the industry in 7'