b'WHY NOT HAVE A SYSTEM OF A COMPULSORY SALES LEVY?Not all foals are sold and not all salesare in Ireland. A sales only levywould encourage private sales andsales outside of the state withconsequent diminution of this vitally necessary fund. No compulsion couldbe imposed on UK sales.WHY DONT STALLION OWNERS CONTRIBUTE?They make a separate contribution to the industry through the European Breeders Fund. They also make direct contributions to Irish Thoroughbred Marketing.WHERE DO I GETFURTHER INFORMATION?Information is available on our website www.hri.ie/industry-services/foal-levy,or by calling HRI on045 455 455and ask for the Foal Levy Department. Breeders can also contact their representative bodies, the ITBA or the IFA, contact details can be found at the back of this booklet.6'