b'INWARD BUYER PROGRAMME ITM BARRIER TRIALSEvery year ITM contribute to the travelEstablished in 2018, ITM Barrier Trials expenses of over 1,000 overseas buyersoffer an innovative new platform for Irish who come to Ireland to buy horses.bloodstock sales. The principal aim of These overseas buyers come from overthe ITM Barrier Trials is to better meet 30 different countries. Many of theseoverseas demand for quality unraced countries such as South Africa, Morocco,horses. The trials to date have resulted in Kazakhstan, Singapore, and China haveseveral sales. Trials are held for unraced been specifically cultivated by ITMtwo and three-year-olds and take place and were not original investors inunder the supervision of the IHRB. Irish bloodstock. ITM IRISH STALLION TRAILCONCIERGE SERVICE Established in 2015, the ITM Irish Stallion Every one of ITMs overseas clientsTrail is an annual showcase for the Irish receive personalised communication andthoroughbred breeding industry, with assistance from ITM staff. ITM providestallion farms across Ireland opening their visiting clients with itineraries, advice,doors to breeders, racing professionals, airport transfers, reduced hotel and carand racing fans on two days in January hire rates, and any other required serviceof each year.to make their time in Ireland as seamless and enjoyable as possible. As can be deduced from this overview, the broad scale of global activity undertaken ADVERTISING AND SOCIAL MEDIA by ITM provides clear and quantifiable ITM run strong international advertisingbenefit to the Irish bloodstock industry campaigns on a continuous basis inthrough foreign direct investment in Irish both the print and digital media. Thesehorses, training fees, stallion nominations, campaigns target the largest players inetc. The income from the Irish Foal Levy global racing media, as well as smalleris central to supporting this activity and national and local platforms. ITM socialallowing ITM to continue to work on media communicates the success of Irishbehalf of the Irish breeder. horses and sales, as well as promoting a positive image for the Irish industry andIf you have any questions or suggestionsFee Range Rate Band Levy Amount % No. Foals % Incomeencouraging foreign interest.regarding the work of Irish Thoroughbred 0 to1,000 A35 1 2%1%Marketing, then please get in touch at 1,001 to2,500 B50 15% 4%[email protected] or +353 (0) 454430602,501 to5,000 C100 25% 12% 5,001 to7,500 D150 10% 7% 7,501 to10,000 E200 7% 7% 10,001 to12,500 F250 13% 16% 12,501 to15,000 G300 2% 3% 15,001 to17,500 H350 2% 3% 17,501 to22,500 I450 2% 5% 22,501 to30,000 J600 4% 11% 30,001 and upwards K650 9% 29%Late Reg Late Reg 2%Based on 2014-2018 income 100% 100%15'