b'Ireland is the largest producer ofBRAND PARTNERSHIPSthoroughbreds in Europe and theITM hold significant brand partnerships second largest producer of bloodstockacross the globe. These include by value in the world after the USA agreements with the Breeders Cup, therefore the export market is vitalYulong Racecourse in China, Newbury for Irish breeders. ITM is a recognisedRacecourse, and many more. These and respected global brand for thepartnerships provide ITM with high- Irish breeding and racing industriesprofile platforms on which to spread and cultivates a global network ofthe message about the quality and international clients. The activities ofsuccess of Irish bloodstock.ITM include:MARKET VISITSRACE SPONSORSHIP The ITM team make over 100 foreign ITM regularly sponsor at race meetingsmarket visits a year to over 30 countries, around the world. These sponsorshipsmaking connections and promoting the help ITM to make connections withIrish breeding and racing industries. These industry figures in foreign jurisdictionsmarket visits result in over 1,000 foreign and build the ITM brand. ITM regularlyclients visiting Ireland every year, with offer vouchers for Irish sales as part ofmany clients making purchases at Irish race sponsorship, which have resultedhorse sales and becoming regular in numerous purchases. visitors to these shores.14'