b'The ITBA supports other industryWorking closely with the Irish stakeholders, in particular HorseEquine Centre to protect our Racing Ireland and has championeddisease-free status.many initiatives for the greater good and future of our breeding and racingAll-inclusive education programmeindustries. These include: for breeders including management and compliance certification and Working closely with the Department contribution to the Key Performanceof Agriculture in all areas pertinent Indicators of a stud farm.to breeders. We are an approvedbody for the department andComprehensive members benefit administer movement of thoroughbred package to include free racecoursebreeding horses to the UK and France entry scheme for members, insuranceon their behalf through the tripartite scheme, educational seminarsagreement.and publications. EU and international lobbying to ensure Promoting the next generationbreeders concerns are highlighted of breeders through the ITBAat the highest levels, for example Next Generation. the availability of medicines anddisease surveillance. We support the Foal Levy as a necessary funding mechanism and will continue to Promotion of National Hunt fillies ensure that it is effectively utilised in the through the organisation and interest of breeders.administration of the National HuntFillies Bonus Scheme which to datehas paid out in excess of 1.7 million.Economic Analysis of theThoroughbred Industry.Continued support for ITM in thepromotion of Irish-bred horses andthe marketing of Ireland as a premiersales location. 12'