b'IRISH THOROUGHBRED BREEDERS ASSOCIATIONWORKING FOR IRISH BREEDERSThe Irish Thoroughbred BreedersThoroughbred Marketing, Weatherbys Association is the all-IrelandIreland GSB and Goffs Bloodstock Sales.representative body of the IrishWe are represented on the Department thoroughbred breeding industryof Agriculture Equine Liaison Committee, at government level both at homea committee dealing primarily with the and abroad. Our organisation, whichhealth and welfare of the equine herd.represents the largest number ofWe currently chair the European constituents in the industry (6,777),Federation of Thoroughbred Breedershas played a major role in representingand sit on the executive of the breeders in the development andInternational Breeders Association. Our success of the Irish breeding industrydecision-making process rests with a domestically and overseas. The ITBA has aNational Council consisting of 20 elected comprehensive national educational andbreeders representatives from five training programme to ensure breedersnational regions.can continue to acquire and update the skills necessary to adapt to a changing world and business environment. Our association currently has two nominations to the Seanad Electoral Panel and is represented on the Board of Horse Racing Ireland, Irish Equine Centre, Irish11'