b'ACCREDITATION AND RECOGNITIONThe IEC has always held numerous national and international awards, certificates and accreditations which demonstrate beyond any doubt the consistent high quality of its services. The IEC is accredited by the ISO 17025 standard for the majority ofIn recent years the work and expertise its tests. In 2009, the IEC was designatedof the IEC has been recognised amongst an OIE (World Organisation for Animalthe wider scientific community and Health) Reference Laboratory for equinethe IEC has won numerous awards at influenza, one of just three in the world. the annual Irish Laboratory Awards, In 2015, the OIE awarded the IEC aincluding winning Veterinary Laboratory, second Reference Laboratory for equineAgricultural Laboratory and the overall herpesvirus, also just one of three intitle of Commercial Laboratory of the the world. Thus, the IEC is one of theyear in 2018. In March 2019, the IEC most highly accredited equine diagnosticwas again awarded Veterinary laboratories in Europe.Laboratory of the Year. 180'