b'IRELANDS INTERNATIONAL REPUTATIONIt is well known that the IrishThe completion of the Single European thoroughbred industry is worthMarket in the 1980s and the abolition close to 2bn to our economy eachor reduction of mandatory testing for year.The 2017 Deloitte report on theconditions such as Equine Viral Arteritis economic impact of the equine industry(EVA) and Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA) stated that over 15,200 full time jobsleft Ireland vulnerable to the introduction were generated by the equine industryof diseases previously unrecorded in this and the breeding sector was the thirdcountry. Over the years, Ireland suffered largest producer of thoroughbred foalsincursions of EVA, EIA, Piorplasmosis and in the world. The Irish industry is a largeContagious Equine Metritis (CEM). exporter of thoroughbred horses to an increasingly international market.All have been successfully contained by the IEC in collaboration with the We can only achieve these exportDepartment of Agriculture, Food and the sales if Irish horses are prized as sound,Marine, the ITBA and HRI. Globalisation healthy and demonstrably free fromand climatic change have increased the equine disease. The role of the IEC is torisk of the introduction and persistence ensure that Irelands low disease statusof insect borne diseases. A previous is preserved and to demonstrate toreport estimated the potential cost of an the rest of the world that we take theoutbreak of African Horse Sickness (AHS) quality control of our industry seriously.in the UK at in excess of 3.5 billion. It is The international credibility of the Irishessential for the Irish horse industry that thoroughbred depends on our lowthe IEC retains the expertise and disease status, especially in the creationthe capacity to respond to such a crisis.of new markets and the maintenance of those that already exist. Disease outbreaks have the potential to close our export markets and to result in significant economic losses at home. The costs of infectious disease outbreaks here and / or of exotic disease incursions can be detrimental for individuals concerned, the industry and the State.97'