• Find your team colours

    The new Horse Racing Ireland Ownership colours campaign focuses on the team aspect of the sport of racing. Many may question if Racing is a Team Sport?  However, apply Googles definition of a team sport to racing, ‘any sport where individuals are organised into opposing teams which compete to win’, and it won’t take you long to realise the owner, trainer, jockey, stable staff combination is one of the tightest knit teams in any sport. A fiercely competitive team with a desire to win and a special bond ‘the horse’ bringing them all together. 

    At the centre of this team is the Owner. Like any sport it is the ‘colours’ or ‘strip’ that differentiate the teams in a match or in this case a race. Once the jockey puts on the colours he is part of the owner’s team.

    Seeing your colours in the parade ring, following them throughout a race and if you’re lucky enough see them flash past the winning post in front is a feeling like no other. It is almost impossible to describe the adrenaline rush and emotion you feel at that moment. 

    Donie O’Connell, member of the Men of Forty Eight syndicate and All-Ireland medal winning Tipperary Hurler describes ‘the buzz, the thrill, your heart thumping like being in the height of an All-Ireland final’.

    Owner Barry Maloney says ‘The excitement and adrenaline rush and being part of the journey is just so different, you won’t experience it in any other sport, it is unique.’  

    For Rich Richie ‘having that win and being part of the team is what makes racing great’ and for owner and Leeds football fan, Steve Parkin, ‘the thrill of his horse winning is bigger than Leeds United winning the champions league.’ 

    However you describe it, win lose or draw there is a pride for your horse, your trainer, the jockey, the stable staff, for your team, that makes racing one of the most special team sports in the world.             

    The colours campaign gives you the opportunity to design and win your very own set of colours. The winning colours will be registered for life. Once you have your colours you just need to find your team and enjoy the thrill.   https://www.racehorseownership.ie/teamcolours/

    Amber Byrne | Owner Development Manager at Horse Racing Ireland Ownership

    Published 7th February 2019